Willow Creek Academy

Thanks to the Sausalito Arts Festival Foundation "Artists Teaching Art" Program for Funding Our "Sailing Through Sausalito History" Project! 
At Open House in May, we premiered this short film, which is the result of a year-long collaboration between the Sausalito Arts Festival "Artists Teaching Art" Project, both of Willow Creek's Third Grade Classes, and the Educational Tall Ship of San Francisco.   
Students explored the history of Sausalito through the boats most associated with its rich maritime history -- from the Coastal Mi-Wok Tule boat, to the arrival of Spanish Galleons, to Europeans arriving in their Tall Ships, to the Sausalito Ferry, to the Libertyship.   They also documented the building of a tall ship several blocks from school near the Bay Model.  
We are so grateful for all the support in our local community that made this extraordinary experience possible, and we are very proud of the end result.  Congratulations to Ms. Siskin and Ms. Creedman's Third Grade classes, and to our Lower School Music Teacher, Ms. Emilie Rohrbach, for a job well done!