• Thank you to our 2014-15 Donors! 

    Thanks so much to the following families and community members who helped us meet our $300,000 fundraising goal!   Your donations to the 2014-15 S.M.A.R.T. Campaign fund Support for Classrooms, Reading, Art, Music and Technology at Willow Creek Academy! 

    (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015)


    Willow Tree ($10,000.00 to $500,000.00)



    Arques Educational Foundation

    Doug and Mickie  Lloyd   

    TIAA Cref 


    Willow Branch ($5,000.00 to $9,999.99)




    Joshua and Minh Barrow    

    Vendela Vida and David  Eggers  

    First Giving    

    Brooke Schreier Ganz and Scott  Ganz    

    Kerry and Geoff  Headington    

    Patricia and Scott  Jampol    

    Phil and Shannon  Kerr    

    Jeff  Knowles and Susan Cleveland-Knowles    

    Sausalito Art Festival Foundation    

    William E. Simon Foundation, Inc.    

    Mary  Wirth    


    Willow Sapling ($2,500.00 to $4,999.99)




    Alexandra and John  Akapo    

    Sheri  Beasley    

    Chris McKeon and Shelby  Bender 

    Nuri  Dagdeviren    

    Bettina and Sebastian Ferrando    

    Iain and Emily Franks    

    David and Andrea Hanson    

    Sebastien  Jaunet and Gina Yang-Jaunet    

    Sam Penrose and Sue Krenek    

    Casey and Alicia Leach    

    Monica and Dori Leifer    

    Yasmine and David McGrane    

    Adam and Bethanie Murguia    

    Jacqueline and Brad Nemer    

    Rotary Club of Sausalito    

    Caroline van Alst    

    Kurt and Eve Weinsheimer



    Willow Leaf ($1,000.00 to $2,499.99)




    Marcella and Richard Addae    

    James and Dawn Agnew    

    Ryan and Sarah Aylward    

    Bank of Marin

    Jamie and Amy Blanco 

    Joanna and Marc Cameron    

    Melanie Chancellor    

    Peter and Polly Collingridge    


    Maya Creedman    

    Erin O'Brien and Nathan Deeds  

    Fortunato Peruccon and Erika Ducati   

    Michael  Dugan    

    Daron  Evans    

    Kristen  Evans    

    Angel  Fimbres    

    Mieko  Futatsugi    

    Kyla and Kyle Gundersen    

    Whitney and Todd Halvorsen    

    Annika  Hanson    

    Heath Ceramics

    Ben Farrell and Erika Henderson   

    David  Holub    

    Sam  Jayme    

    Orang  Kashi    

    Teri Lang and Bob Woodrum    

    Roneet "Bamby"  Levy    

    Amy Nordstrom and Scott Lipsitz

    Ali  McGrath    

    Meredith  A.  Moody    

    Juli  Morris    

    William  Newmeyer    

    Alison Niederer and Regan Fulton   

    Stacy  Nimmo    

    Hikmet and Monica Ozbek    

    Megan  Papay    

    Salven  Pillay    


    Iran Pont and Dancer Styles    

    Stefaan and Leslie Poortman    

    Stephanie  Pratt    

    Martina  Quinn    

    Tiffany & John  Radkowski    

    Steven  Serotte    

    Tracy  Sklar    

    Marijke  Smit    

    Deena  Thompson    

    Annika  Toernquist    

    Vmware Foundation    

    Stacey  Ward Turko    

    Wells Fargo Foundation    

    Gerard Cunningham and Amy Wilson    


    Willow Catkin ($500.00 to $999.99)




    Lance and Claudine  Alameda    

    Millard  Arterberry    

    Yanna  Badet    

    Allison  Behr    

    Robert and Diane Brockob    

    Joe  Burns    

    Dusti and Stephen  Carroll    

    Kathleen  Esch    

    Stephen  Ferrero    

    Cielo  Giorgio    

    Glen  Hayashi    

    Jackie and Steve  Herzog    

    Atlassian  Inc    

    Jenny  LeCoq    

    Linde-Sands Family Fund    

    Rina  Neiman    

    Neils  Frederick  Norgaard    

    Abigail  Peterson    

    Vanessa  Rasch    

    Mary  Robinson    

    Aneissa  Sanchez    

    James  Vaughan    

    Symon  J.  Whitehorn    

    Heidi  Wiltsee    

    Henry and Jessie  Wong


    Willow Seedling ($250.00 to $499.99)




    John and Sue Adams    

    Adrian  Andrews    

    Lynn  Asher    

    Stan and Lisa  Bair    

    Mary  Beier    

    Nan Hee  Berg   

    Taniesha  Broadfoot    

    Alicia  Cannon    

    Eva-Marie  Christman    

    Seray  Diep    

    Nancy  Donovan    

    Ronny  Estrada    

    Jennifer  Hafner    

    Jasmin  Hall    

    Barbara  Jaffe    

    Jacqueline  Knowles    

    Allison  Lichter    

    Michelle  Luckey    

    Casey  McGovern    

    Marcie  Montgomery    

    Anastasia  Palmer    

    Carlos  Rodriguez    

    Jennifer  Sargent    

    Sausalito Ferry Company    

    Heidi  Scoble    

    Christopher  Smith    

    Hung Thanh  Tran    

    Harvey  Vincent Pearlman    

    Keith and Crystal  Waye

    Joanie  Wynn 


    Willow Seed ($50.00 to $249.99)




    Natalya  Anissimova    

    Sanela  Begic    

    Maxyam  Bibi    

    Kelly  Browning    

    Alan  Cence    

    Royce  Conner    

    Aaron  Croft    

    Marie  Elena  Deeney    

    Brian  Durnian    

    Chafiq  Fdouch    

    Fong  Cindy  Fong    

    Marion  Forestier    

    Carrie  Lea  Frazer    

    Kate  Gothreau    

    Stan & Lori  Hales    

    Hennessey  Knoop    

    Dimitria  Koumarnetos    

    Robert  Kramer    

    Crystal  Martinez    

    Kristine  Meeks    

    Olga  Monterroso    

    Beverly  Novak-Page    

    Raising the Barn, LLC    

    Gina  Risso    

    Tiffany  Rodosevich    

    Leah  Rosenthal    

    Schoola Stitch    

    Tara  Seekins    

    Karima  Seghier    

    Elaina  Serotte    

    Sarah  Shaw    

    Cherie  Sinclair    

    Donna  Sky    

    Chizuki  Squiers    

    Katherine  Stohr    


    Cole  Tate    

    Urbansitter, Inc. 

    Norma  Yuriar