Struggling with baseball bats, yoga mats and a few basketballs, Coach Dave and Coach Lynnette set out materials for the next several hours of physical education classes. 
    Generally a class might start with some laps around the field to warm up muscles and then some stretching to protect growing ligaments and tendons.   In a kindergarten class,  you might see the yoga mats come out and students practice “cat’, “cow” “down dog” and other classic poses.    With fifth grade, you might observe a class preparing for the state mandated testing----yes, even in Physical Education we have performance standards-----how many sit ups can be completed in 5 minutes, how quickly can one run a mile, how many push-ups can you perform in 10 minutes?   These facts and figures are recorded for each student and sent off to the state department of education.  

    However, these measurements are not the heart of physical education as we see it:  here at Willow Creek it is all about fun, skills-building, learning to take turns, picking teams, helping the kid who tripped over his shoelaces and figuring out how to spend an extra 5 minutes on the basketball court.