• Who is Willow Creek Academy's Parent Council?  It's YOU.

    Willow Creek Academy

    All WCA parents are members of our Parent Council and everyone is welcome! Parent Council was created as a place for parents to be engaged, informed, and connected.

    We already have many dynamic people on our Leadership Team for the 2017-18 school year:

    • Jennifer Conway + Heidi Wiltsee - Parent Council Co-Presidents
    • Bettina Ferrando - Room Parent Coordinator
    • Gracie Matejka - Volunteer Coordinator
    • Eva Marie Christman - Teacher/Staff Appreciation Coordinator
    • Erika Ducati - Sausalito/Marin City Community Social Engagement Coordinator
    • Teri Lang - School Promotions + Adopt A Spot Coordinator
    • Alex Cantin - Fall Welcome Chair
    • Bethanie Murguia - Book Fair Chair
    • Alpa Parekh - WCA Branded Merchandise Coordinator
    • Sarah Aylward - Marquee Coordinator
    • Alpa Parekh, Minh Barrow, Monica Ozbek - English Language Learner Family Liaisons
    • Carolyn Younger - Middle School Liaison

    Please join us! Here are a few leadership positions still open:

    • Uniform Swap Coordinator
    • Teacher Lounge Care Team
    • Arts + Music Liaison

    We are also looking for at least one family for all 32 languages spoken at Willow Creek to support families in getting information and feeling welcomed.

    If you are interested in taking on a leadership role, or would like to know how you can get involved, please email us (addresses below) and we can connect with you to find you a great spot.

    Jennifer + Heidi - Parent Council Co-Presidents