The Willow Creek Campus
    The Willow Creek Academy campus is nestled on a wooded hillside in Sausalito, with views of Richardson Bay.  We have large classrooms, a multipurpose room, play structures, a basketball court, art and music rooms, and an organic garden.  
    snails in the garden The Garden

     Willow Creek’s garden has continued to evolve since the opening of the school in 2001.  Corners of the garden have been devoted to special class projects such as a salsa garden (tomatoes, onions and cilantro) and a demonstration "Iroquois Three Sisters" garden (according to Iroquois legend, corn, beans, and squash are three inseparable sisters who only grow and thrive together).  Our nutrition and cooking classes plan to use as much produce from our mini-farm as possible.   
    A variety of grades work in the garden---this year grades K-5 have used the garden both as an object of study in and of itself, but also as an enhancement of other studies, especially science and history/social studies.    And parents (and kids) do great volunteer work keeping the garden weed (and snail) free!
    solar school

    A PG&E Solar School

     In December of 2007, Willow Creek Academy was accepted as a member of PG&E's Solar Schools Program. This exciting designation provided training for teachers on energy development and conservation that was integrated into the classroom curriculum. A $20,000 PG&E solar panel has been installed on campus. Not only does it reduce the District’s energy consumption, the solar panel’s energy collection is tracked and is available for viewing online.


    Willow Creek is also working toward becoming a Marin County Board of Supervisors certified "Green Business". Each classroom displays a variety of conservation signs as a reminder to live a green life. Students are encouraged to take these practices home so we can all work together to reduce our carbon footprint.  Please click here to see the WCA solar panel's contributions to the local energy grid, and to learn more about this program.
    WC stream Willow Creek Restoration Project

     The "Restorators" is a team of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students who are studying the origins of the original Willow Creek (our namesake) as well as working to trace its path as it cascades down the watershed. Resulting from a grant written by YMCA Pt. Bonita on behalf of WCA, students are busy studying old maps as well as current information that have been made available to them by the County Planning Department. Students decided to adopt the Creek in order to prevent pesticide spraying. By adopting the Creek, they will keep the non-native and invasive vegetation under control in hopes that some native wildlife might return. The research and knowledge that these students are gaining about the importance of a watershed is of great value; but perhaps even more important is the development of leadership skills and commitment to community service.