• Volunteering

    In accordance with California Education Code section 49011, Willow Creek Academy encourages—but does not require—families to participate in school activities.  Specifically, we encourage each family to:

     1.  Be an active partner in their child’s education by volunteering in the classroom or office, driving on field trips, helping with lunch, fundraising, etc.

     2.  Support student learning by:

    ·       Reading with their child 20 minutes each day

    ·       Assisting their child with homework

    ·       Attending parent meetings

    ·       Encouraging their child to follow school rules

    When families contribute their time and expertise, we meet the highest standards of education and ensure the goals of WCA and its charter are consistently met.

    Some studies show parental involvement actually is twice as predictive of student success as socio-economic status!   In addition to this positive effect on students, parents find that their participation helps create a caring, supportive community within the school.  

    There are many ways you can volunteer -- from working in the classroom (for parents who are available during the school day) to assisting with fundraising events, gardening days, Willow Creek Foundation events, etc.  But please feel free to be creative...  if you have a skill you think you can use to benefit Willow Creek, talk your child's teacher, or with our administrators, and pitch your idea!  

    Volunteer Opportunities