California Education Code requires that students come to school every day, arrive on time, and stay at school during the entire day. Students are expected to be at school at 8:15 a.mA student is considered tardy if he/she arrives later than 8:15 a.m
    1.  Absence Procedures:
    If your child has three (3) unverified or unexcused absences, legally he/she is considered “truant.”   You will receive notification if your child has more than the allowed amount of unverified absences.   If you would like more information about the Education Code regarding absences, click here.    Unverified means that you have called the school about your child's absence, but you have not written a note.  Unverified absences are eventually considered unexcused. 
    • Excused absences include:  Illness, death in the family, and religious holidays;
    • Unexcused absences include: Unplanned trips, lack of transportation, out of town visitors.
    2.   Tardy Procedures:
    When your child is tardy, not only does he/she miss important instruction, it is also disruptive to the learning environment of the whole class. A tardy of 30 minutes or more is considered an absence.
    • When you know your child will be tardy, you must call or email the School Office Assistants at 415-331-7530, x202 or apage@willowcreekacademy.org to inform the school of any tardy.
    • When your child arrives at school, he/she must bring a note explaining why he/she is late.

    Your child must get a tardy slip from the office before going to class.

    • Excused tardies include: doctors and dentist appointments;
    • Unexcused tardies include:  Missing the bus, traffic, oversleeping
    3.    Independent Study Procedures:


    If you plan to take your child out of school for a pre-arranged trip, outside educational experience, or for any other reason, you may arrange an independent study for your child. If you do not follow the Independent Study Procedures, your child’s absence will be considered unexcused.

    • Call or email the School Office Assistant at 415-331-7530, x202 or apage@willowcreekacademy.org to inform her of the absence at least one week in advance and let her know the exact dates your child will be absent.
    • Call or email your child’s teacher to let them know the exact dates your child will be absent.
    • Submit an Independent Study Request form (available in the front office).  If the Independent Study is approved, your child's teacher will supply your child with assignments to be completed during the period of absence.
    • Your child will need to turn in all of the work within 7 days of returning to school. Late assignments will not be accepted. 
    • Your child will not be marked absent on the days he/she is gone, unless he/she fails to turn in the assignments in the day he/she returns. 
    • All Independent Studies are subject to the approval of the Assistant Head of School.