• uniforms Uniform Policy

    Both parents and the Willow Creek Board of Directors have overwhelmingly confirmed support of the uniform policy. There are several reasons for the uniform:

     • No student stands out because of what they can afford or not afford to wear to school.

    • Parents are spared arguments about what to wear to school because of the uniform requirements.

    • Wearing a uniform to school signals to students that school is to be taken seriously and they are dressed and ready for work.


     What is the school uniform?

    • Kindergarten through fifth grade students wear dark green shirts combined with khaki colored pants, shorts, skirts or jumpers.  
    • Sixth through eighth students wear a blue shirt combined with khaki.   
    Shirts with a collar are preferred, but a solid colored crewneck or turtleneck tee shirt may be worn. Shirts should be free of large writing and/or pictures. A small logo is acceptable. Shirts may be either knit or broadcloth fabric.
    Where can I buy the school uniform?
    You can buy your uniform anywhere -- there is no specific manufacturer.   It's the color combination that matters.   However, if you buy your uniform through Lands’ End and specify Willow Creek’s preferred school number 900142563, Lands’ End will donate a percentage of qualifying purchases back to the school!   As of 2010, Lands' End donates 3% of sales back to preferred schools with over $10K in qualifying sales, 2% back to schools with $5K-$9,999K in qualifying sales, and 1% back to schools with between $1K and $4,999K in annual sales.  
    To purchase uniforms, click here!   Or call Lands' End directly at 1.800.963.4816.   Make sure you mention our preferred schools number to the sales representative!
    From the front page of the Lands End website, click on "Uniforms" in the top navigation.  Then click on "Find My School".  Enter the name Willow Creek Academy.  Then click on "Select this School".  As you place your order from this page, the school number will appear.  After you do it once, WCA will automatically appear as your preferred school and you may click on "Shop for this school."
    Do uniforms have to be worn every day?

    The last Friday of the month is a free dress day.  Your child's teacher will let you know when certain field trips or special events do not require wearing a uniform.

     Is there a dress code at Willow Creek?

     Yes, in addition to the uniform policy, students are to always dress appropriately and in a manner that shows respect for school.   For example, pants are to fit well and should not be either exceedingly baggy or unusually tight.  If shorts are worn, they are to be close to knee length.  Skirts should be no shorter than just above the knee.

    Hooded sweatshirts and jackets and caps may be worn outside, but when in classrooms, hats and hoods are to be kept off.

    Additional questions regarding appropriate dress can be addressed to your child's teacher or to the Head of School.


     Does my child need to have extra clothes at school?

     It is strongly recommended that younger children (Grades K-3) have a change of clothes. Accidents do happen and, when the weather is wet, the field is often very muddy.  Occasionally food or art supplies accidents can make clothing uncomfortable to wear.  Please mark all clothing with your child’s name.