October 1, 2019 Regular Meeting Agenda

Posted by Kristine N Duran on 9/27/2019

WILLOW CREEK ACADEMY Board of Directors Regular Meeting Library ** 636 Nevada Street, Sausalito, CA 94965 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 6:30 p.m. 

** Agenda ** 


Persons wishing to address the Board on discussion/action items not on the agenda may do so immediately after the meeting is called to order. (Please note: The Board will be unable to discuss non-agenda items). As each agenda item is called the sequence of the meeting will be as follows: (a) introduction of the item; (b) staff presentation (if any); (c) invited speaker/guests comment (if any); (d) public comment of up to three minutes per person; (e) Board discussion and, if appropriate, Board action. 

  1. Call to Order / Roll Call 
  2. Public comment on items not on the agenda (up to 3 minutes per person) 
  3. Approval of Agenda 
  4. Approval of Minutes from previous meetings 
  5. Oral Reports: 
  • Board Member Reports 
  • Head of School Report 
  • Willow Creek Foundation 
  • Parent Council 
  • SMCSD 
  1. Academics and Enrollment 
  • Enrollment Report: Emily Cox 
  • CAASPP Data Results Preview: Emily Cox & Kurt Weinsheimer 
  1. Personnel Report 
  • September staffing update: Emily Cox 
  1. Policy 
  • Unification Committee Update: J. VanderMolen, E. Maunder, J. Henry 
  • Discussion: 

o BP 3300 Purchasing o BP 4000 Personnel o BP 3600 Contractors 

  1. Future Planning / Action Items 
  2. Adjourn to Closed Session 
  • CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL--ANTICIPATED LITIGATION: Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to paragraph (2) or (3) of subdivision (d) of Section 54956.9: One case. 
  • Public Employee Performance Evaluation: Emily Cox, Head of School 
  1. Report on Action Taken in Closed Session 
  2. Adjourn Meeting